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Not all drywall is created equal.

While all gypsum-based drywall is naturally fire-resistant, the PURPLE® family of high-performance drywall and cement board products is unique because it also resists moisture, mold and mildew. In addition, most PURPLE® drywall products also stand up to scratches, scuffs, dents and sound.

What’s more, PURPLE® products are made by National Gypsum, one of the nation’s leading building products manufacturers.

So go ahead, let life happen. With PURPLE®, your walls are ready.

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Fire Resistance
(indoor air quality)
Moisture, Mold and Mildew Resistance
Abuse Resistance (scratches, scrapes)
Impact Resistance (accidental holes)
Sound Resistance

Standard Drywall

XP® Drywall

Hi-Abuse® XP® Drywall

Hi-Impact® XP® Drywall

SoundBreak® XP® Drywall

SoundBreak XP Retrofit® Board

ProForm® XP® and XP® Lite Joint Compound with Dust-Tech®

PermaBase® Cement Board

Mold & Mildew Resistance

The effects of moisture aren’t always visible. But over time, damage from mold and mildew can build up and affect everything on the surface and under it. PURPLE® drywall and cement board products have earned the best possible score on industry materials testing for mold resistance, a key advantage in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages and other places where moisture collects. That’s why it’s best to go straight to the core when you’re building or remodeling. The PURPLE® family offers the advantages of specially treated, fire-resistant drywall and cement board that also withstand moisture, mold and mildew.

Moisture Resistance

After running a hot shower, one look at your steamed-up mirror shows how moisture can affect the walls and ceilings in your bathroom. Day after day, XP® Drywall and PermaBase® Cement Board fight the effects of moisture you can’t see until the damage is done.

Abuse Resistance

Your hard-charging family can really do a number on walls in mud rooms, hallways, staircases and more. You’ll be glad to know how well PURPLE® stands up to scrapes, scratches and scuffs. The PURPLE® family of products includes Hi-Abuse® XP® Drywall, featuring a specially formulated core to provide greater protection against surface abrasion and abuse, while offering the advantages of moisture, mold, mildew and fire resistance.

Impact Resistance

It only takes a minute to move a piece of furniture or toss a ball, and suddenly you realize just how vulnerable your walls can be. That’s why we’ve made impact resistance a priority for Hi-Impact® XP® Drywall. To provide added protection against accidental holes, Hi-Impact® XP® features fiberglass mesh embedded into its core. And like other PURPLE® drywall products, it also offers resistance to moisture, mold, mildew and fire.

Sound Resistance

If you’re building or remodeling a room where noise – or the lack of it – is important, SoundBreak® XP® Drywall and SoundBreak XP Retrofit® Board should be music to your ears. Both drywall products offer sound-resistant properties that reduce noise between rooms, a major benefit in media rooms, bedrooms and nurseries. SoundBreak® XP® Drywall is meant for new construction or complete replacement of existing walls, while SoundBreak XP Retrofit® Board is designed to be installed over existing gypsum board walls, no demolition required. Like other members of the PURPLE® family of products, our sound-reducing drywall choices also have mold, mildew, moisture and fire resistance that provide extra peace of mind throughout your home.

Fire Resistance

All PURPLE® drywall products have a naturally fire-resistant gypsum core. It’s fire-resistant because in its natural state, gypsum contains water; and when exposed to heat or flame, this water is released as steam, which delays heat transfer and provides a natural resistance to the spread of fire. Fire resistance is an important element in the PURPLE® family of products, a protective feature you’ll find in XP®, Hi-Abuse® XP®, Hi-Impact® XP® and SoundBreak® XP®.