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Installation Tips / Videos

Drywall Installation Videos

How to Install SoundBreak XP Retrofit® Board

The Next Innovation in Noise Control

How to Install & Finish Drywall with Anitra Mecadon

Drywall Installation: Top Five Tips

Step 1: Measuring & Estimating

Step 2: Materials, Storage & Handling

Step 3: How to Hang Ceilings

Step 4: Securing the Ceiling with Fasteners

Step 5: How to Hang Walls

Step 6: Cutting & Scoring the Board

Step 7: Cutting for an Electrical Box

Step 8: Tools for Finishing Joints & Fasteners

Step 9: Mixing & Applying Joint Compound

Step 10: Finishing Inside Corners

Step 11: Finishing Vertical Joints

Step 12: Applying the 2nd Coat of Joint Compound

Step 13: Sanding Drywall Joints & Fasteners

Step 14: Applying the Final Coat of Joint Compound

Step 15: Sanding the Walls & Ceilings

ProForm® XP® Ready Mix with Dust-Tech®

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