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PURPLE-to-Perfect Contest Winners

In 2018, veterans and their friends and family from the Philadelphia area told us why they deserved a PURPLE-to-Perfect renovation.

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2018 Winners

Sewell, New Jersey

After two tours in Iraq, retired U.S. Marine John Blyzniuk is a stay-at-home dad who visits the often-crowded local gym to help with his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Turning his garage into a home gym that can stand up to his tough workouts will help this veteran’s quality of life.

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2017 Winners

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Getting in and out of the shower has become a challenge for 92-year-old World War II veteran Frank Martin. He deserves a safe and comfortable bathroom, so he can focus on his favorite thing to do – spending time with his five grandchildren.

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San Anselmo, California

High moisture levels in a bathroom make mold almost impossible to get rid of, and the Soares family is seeing the effects of that firsthand. They’re ready for a PURPLE-to-Perfect renovation that keeps their bathroom beautiful and healthy.

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2016 Winners

Media Room

As of mid-July, the Oliphants now are a family of five – and they're ready to turn their boring, unfinished basement into a high-tech family room where they can relax and play.

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Meet the Smiths, a new family with a bathroom that’s anything but. They’ll say goodbye to 30-year-old tile and a leaky shower door and hello to a fresh, expanded space.

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Gretchen Lindlau’s garage looks like many families’ – cluttered and disorganized. With clever storage solutions, she can soon use this space for cars – and a family pastime.

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