The Soares’ Bathroom Renovation is Complete

The bathroom is finished, and it absolutely blows our minds. What a transformation! What Brian White from Cedar House Construction and Anitra Mecadon from the PURPLE® team have been able to design and create for us is unreal.

In the beginning we were anxious as we watched Brian’s team peel back the old drywall and find termite damage and black mold covering the ceiling. But once the repairs were done and the PURPLE® XP® Drywall went up, we knew that we would NEVER have to worry about having moisture, mold or mildew issues again.

Anitra went above and beyond to find us the most amazing tile and created a pattern for the floor and the shower that is just stunning. The vanity is our absolute favorite and not only provides tons of storage but is clean, sleek and beautifully painted.

Anitra and Brian sought out the perfect countertop that complements the tile and the bathroom colors, while the mirrors, lights and accessory touches just pull it all together. We now have this amazing bathroom that looks beyond what we could ever imagine. The boys are in heaven and now beg to take baths in their new tub and love that they each have their own sink and drawers.