Meet the Garage Renovation Winner: Gretchen Lindlau

Like many others across the country, the Lindlau family’s garage in Dousman, Wis., is cluttered and disorganized. What’s less expected, though, is the homemade rock wall in one corner where the Lindlau kids practice ice and rock climbing.

Gretchen and her family will work with interior design expert and TV host Anitra Mecadon to create clever storage solutions that’ll allow them to actually park their cars inside the garage during Wisconsin’s cold winter months – and have plenty of space to refine their climbing technique.

At the base of their renovation will be walls built with Hi-Impact® XP®, the toughest drywall in the PURPLE® family made with a fiberglass mesh embedded into its core for added resistance to scratches, scuffs and accidental holes from car door dings, lawn equipment or even a misplaced climbing foothold.