Martin Family Bathroom Renovation Update

After announcing Frank Martin as the winner of the PURPLE-to-Perfect Contest in Philadelphia, Designer Anitra Mecadon and the contractor team got to work. Frank’s wife, Pat, kept us updated on how she and Frank anticipated their new bathroom as the work began.


We are still pinching ourselves over our good fortune. It is hard to believe it’s really happening. Frank and I are so thrilled as we anxiously await our return home. Everyone involved has been so nice and very professional since day one. I’m feeling relieved that the fear of Frank falling will be greatly reduced. We are really, really excited.

The Beginning

Our family still can’t believe this wonderful renovation on our bathroom has been started. Our daughter, Ger, has been so accommodating as have the children. We’re staying with them while the project is completed. Our daughter, Martina, met with the contractor early today to let him into our property since we came to Geri’s house yesterday. She has been a great help. We are so excited, but are determined to stay out of their way. We are going to have a fun day with the children tomorrow, and Frank’s spirits are really high.


Frank and I are getting anxious to see the bathroom. We know it’s too early and they are probably still in the demo stage, but can’t wait to see it just the same. We are still having a great time at our daughter’s home, the kids are so helpful and take Grandpop (Frank) for walks. That is great for his stamina. Our daughters plan things for us to do, like going to the zoo, Longwood gardens and going to the pool, which is so relaxing.

Design Details

At this point the suspense is starting to grow. We’re only one week into construction and we’re already getting antsy to get home and enjoy our new bathroom.

It’s Looking Like a Bathroom Again

Lately, we’ve been busy with doctor appointments for Frank and me. But, we are really getting anxious to see our new bathroom. I know it will be extremely beautiful, because we’ve seen the beautiful designs Anitra has done for many others. We are just “chomping at the bit” to see it. God bless all of you who have had part in this project, everyone has been so nice.

Stay tuned for the Martins’ new bathroom reveal in our next post.