Martin Family Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Frank Martin’s daughters and grandchildren nominated Frank and his wife, Pat, in the PURPLE-to-Perfect Contest in hopes of having their small bathroom transformed into a relaxing, functional and safe space.

Interior Design Expert Anitra Mecadon, the National Gypsum team and local Fox News morning crew announced the couple as the contest’s winner during a surprise visit to their home, and then the couple spent six weeks living with family members while their bathroom was renovated.

When they returned home, not only were they greeted by a beautifully remodeled bathroom but also a professionally organized linen closet and laundry room.

In the bathroom, Anitra created a spa-like design with a zero-threshold shower that was surrounded by tile and backed by PermaBase® Cement Board to keep wet areas as dry as possible. PURPLE® XP® Drywall finished the rest of the room to keep mold and moisture out.

The National Gypsum team was happy to thank Frank Martin for his military service by providing this space backed by high-performance PURPLE drywall and cement board products to keep his bathroom moisture-, mold- and mildew-free and safe with the increased size and zero-threshold shower.