Hanging Drywall in the Garage

After a few days under a tarp because of rain in Wisconsin, the Lindlaus’ project began to come to life when the Story Hill Renovations team installed insulation and Hi-Impact® XP® drywall in the garage to stop accidental holes, scratches and scuffs in a space that could easily show wear and tear.

“My husband and I both got a kick out of how different sounds are with so much around to absorb noise,” said Gretchen Lindlau. “I like the color. Too bad Rich won’t let us keep it!”

The family uses their garage space for everything from parking cars and storing tools and outdoor accessories to practicing Taekwondo and rock climbing, so the garage needed to be durable. And because of weather and other elements to consider, the space needed to be moisture-resistant to stay looking like new for years to come.

“We are still in shock that this is really happening, even after all the action that happened so far,” said Lindlau.

See what the Lindlaus’ garage looked like before and take a look at how the renovation began.