6 Bathroom Remodel Ideas from Anitra Mecadon

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a luxurious master bathroom like the ones you see on TV or in magazines, you’re not alone. Our interior design expert Anitra Mecadon has a few ideas for making your dream a reality.

Go high-tech

Gone are the days when remodeling a bathroom meant changing the wall color and picking out new towels and sinks. Today, bathroom remodel ideas include technology such as bathroom and mirror TVs, music streaming from Bluetooth showerheads, hands-free faucets, self-cleaning toilet bowls, heated floors, heated towel drawers and more.

Stall in the shower

Showers are no longer the fastest way to get ready for your day. Now, they can offer an unparalleled spa experience. Imagine eight nozzles pulsing with water, music streaming from a duo of rain-style showerheads, steam enclosures and soothing colored lights.

Express yourself with tile

You only have to visit a tile shop to know that bathroom tile ideas abound, and the possibilities for artistic expression are endless. What’s hot today? Patterned tiles, glass tiles, wood-look tiles, mosaic tiles, stone and elaborate tile patterns and colors – including metallics.

Light up your life

Don’t forget lighting – it’s everything, adjustable and sets the mood. From fixtures to function, the right lighting can make you look better, feel better, see yourself better to apply make-up or shave, and help you relax when it’s dimmed down for a long hot bath.

Forget ordinary

Think big and go for extraordinary. Upcycled sinks and alternative bathroom vanities are in, using everything from old-fashioned sideboards and dressers to farmhouse tables and old work stations. Just remember, small bathrooms don’t mean you have to have small bathroom ideas.

Start at the studs

Bathrooms require two kinds of materials to help protect your walls and floors – moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant XP® Drywall for areas around sinks, windows or vanities and PermaBase® Cement Board behind the tile for critically wet areas such as tubs and showers.

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