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Why Purple

The Purple family of products has properties designed to protect your walls and ceilings and maintain the beauty and functionality of your new home or do-it-yourself renovation far into the future. These high-quality products are all naturally fire-resistant, have achieved GREENGUARD Certification®, as easy to install and finish as standard drywall and made in the U.S.A. In so many areas, Purple provides peace of mind.

Mold & Mildew Resistance

The effects of moisture aren’t always visible in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. But over time, damage from mold and mildew can build up and affect everything on the surface and under it. The Purple family of products offers drywall and cement board options that have earned the best possible score on industry materials testing for mold resistance, a key advantage in kitchens, basements, garages and other rooms where moisture collects. That’s why it’s best to go straight to the core when you’re building or remodeling. The Purple family of products offers the advantages of a specially treated, fire-resistant drywall and cement board that also withstands moisture, mold and mildew.

Moisture Resistance

After running a hot shower, one look at that steamed-up mirror shows you how moisture can affect the walls and ceilings of your bathroom. Day after day, products such as XP® and PermaBase® Cement Board fight the effects of moisture you can’t see until the damage is done.

Abuse Resistance

Your hard-charging family can really do a number on walls in hallways, playrooms, mud rooms and more. You’ll be glad to know how well Purple stands up to scrapes, scratches and scuffs. The Purple family of products includes Hi-Abuse® XP®, featuring a specially formulated core to provide greater protection against surface indentation and abuse, while offering the advantages of moisture, mold, mildew and fire resistance.

Impact Resistance

It only takes a moment to move a piece of furniture or toss a ball, and suddenly you realize just how vulnerable your walls can be. That’s why we’ve made impact resistance a priority for our Purple products. To provide added protection against dents, Hi-Impact® XP® features fiberglass mesh embedded into its core. And like other Purple drywall products, it also offers moisture, mold, mildew and fire resistance.

Sound Resistance

If you’re building or remodeling a room where noise – or the lack of it – is important, Purple should be music to your ears. SoundBreak® XP® offers you sound-resistant properties that reduce the noise level between rooms, a major benefit in media rooms, nurseries and playrooms. Like other members of the Purple family of products, our acoustically enhanced board also has the mold, mildew, moisture and fire resistance that provides extra peace of mind throughout your home.

Fire Resistance

All Purple drywall products have a naturally fire-resistant gypsum core. These non-combustible products will not transmit temperatures in excess of 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius) until completely calcined, a slow process. The gypsum core contains two molecules of chemically combined water that is released in the form of steam when the drywall is exposed to fire. This provides a natural resistance to the spread of fire. Fire resistance is an important element in the Purple family of products, a protective feature you’ll find in XP, Hi-Abuse XP, Hi-Impact XP and SoundBreak XP.